Unraveling Revelation: Solidarity Mission to Israel

THE WORLD has turned its back on Israel less than eight months after the savage terror attack by Hamas that left 1,200 dead.

Last month, we traveled with a small group of people from three continents to bear witness to the situation on the ground without the filter of Western corporate media. This was easily the most powerful of the four visits we’ve made to Israel. We discuss our time in Tel Aviv at Hostage Square and the Sheba Rehabilitation Center, where we met with wounded IDF soldiers and Maya Regev, a young woman captured at the Nova Music Festival and held hostage in Gaza for 50 days.

We also visited several communities in the south including Re’im, site of the music festival, Sderot, where a siege at the police station ended with 30 officers and civilians killed by Hamas, and Ofakim, where a grandmother named Rachel Edri became a national hero by stalling five terrorists in her home by cooking for them for 20 hours—until her police officer son directed a counterterrorism team that was able to neutralize the terrorists and rescue his parents.

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