At some point after the release of the Watchers/Titans from the abyss, the armies of the world will gather for their date with destiny at Armageddon. When Satan/Baal, the dragon of Revelation, sends Gog/Antichrist to war, his army will be comprised of demonic “warriors of Baal,” the spirits of the Rephaim/Nephilim.Continue Reading

This is an excerpt from my new book Last Clash of the Titans, available now at and at  Discovering that the Greek myths we studied in high school are a twisted retelling of key biblical theology is at the same time exciting and disappointing. On the one hand, findingContinue Reading

You have probably deduced from the title of this book that my goal is to show the connections between Greek mythology and the Bible, and especially Bible prophecy. You are, of course, correct. We’re getting to that, but we have to lay a lot of groundwork to get from pointsContinue Reading

This is part 6 of an online series for the release of my new book, Last Clash of the Titans, available now from Defender Publishing. Here’s where theology gets weird. The ancestors who were venerated at the kingdom of Ugarit included an ancient Amorite tribe called the Tidnum or TidanuContinue Reading