THE BIBLE tells us that father Abraham died at the age of 175. How can we reconcile that with science without losing our belief in the inerrancy of scripture?Continue Reading

President Biden issued an executive order Feb. 16 that creates a permanent bureaucracy to enforce “equity,” imposing equal outcomes regardless of talent, intelligence, or effort. It’s the rotten heart of socialism.Continue Reading

In case you missed it, in part 3 of my series on The Second Coming of Saturn we discussed the connection between Molech, the Mount of Olives, and Capitol Hill.Continue Reading

Because I was a guest on the Josh and Jason Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast with, as you’d guess, brothers Josh and Jason Monday. We talked about the unseen realm and my book, The Second Coming of Saturn. Watch the episode here:Continue Reading

Jesus waged war in the heavenlies against the Fallen and on Earth against their demonic, half-breed offspring.Continue Reading

I was honored to be a guest on Battle Ready Ministries’ Frontline program, discussing the unseen realm with Col. David Giammona, co-author of The Military Guide to Armageddon.Continue Reading