Israeli Prime Minister Tuesday called out the Biden administration for holding up arms shipments. The White House responded by holding up a sale of F-15s.

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Israel’s public broadcaster reports the IDF warned of an imminent invasion by Hamas three weeks before Oct. 7. Our sources believe that senior IDF officials kept that information from Benjamin Netanyahu, who they see as an outsider.

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The weekend rescue of four Israeli hostages who’d been held by Hamas terrorists for eight months was met by a big “but” from corporate media and foreign governments, who are increasingly prone to make excuses for Hamas hiding behind civilians in Gaza.Continue Reading

The 2024 presidential campaign is about to take an ugly turn as Democrats frantically try to shore up fading support among black voters. A hint at what may come: Rumors have reemerged about video of Donald Trump using a racial slur.Continue Reading

The guilty verdicts in Donald Trump’s hush money trial mark a new low in American justice. Going forward, every president of the United States will be haunted by the specter of political prosecution the minute they leaves office.Continue Reading

Google is scrambling to remove bizarre search results by its AI Overview product, which has recommended that people eat rocks for nutritious minerals and add non-toxic glue to pizza sauce to help cheese stick to the crust.Continue Reading

Israel has refuted Hamas claims about an Israeli airstrike in Gaza Sunday that killed two Hamas commanders and dozens of civilians.Continue Reading