The indictment of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is the kind of thing Americans thought only happened in other countries.

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The media narrative on the war in Ukraine continues to shift. USA Today reports that Russia is wearing down Ukrainian defenders in the Donbas. This contradicts months of reports claiming that Russia is running out of trucks, weapons, and men.Continue Reading

DAVID’S FRAME OF MIND was apparently much better by the time he wrote these psalms, which are dated to about the time he was anointed king over all Israel.Continue Reading

The Department of Justice is reportedly hiding 400 pages of sensitive documents related to Hunter and Jim Biden’s activities with China, Russia, and Ukraine—by pretending they don’t exist.

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Five red heifers were shipped from Texas to Israel in September. They may be used in a mysterious ritual described in Numbers 19, a precursor for construction of the Third Temple.Continue Reading