Unraveling Revelation: Building the Kingdom of Antichrist

THE ANTICHRIST’S KINGDOM will not be established by conquest but by law—one suffocating regulation at a time. 

This week, we discuss a meeting next May that sounds mundane and boring, the World Health Assembly. At this meeting, however, some 300 proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations will be voted upon by the 194 member states of the WHO. Some of these amendments, which become law in May of 2025 if they pass by a simple majority, would essentially give the World Health Organization the power to rule the world.

Does that sound too sensational to be true? We thought so, too, at first. But legal scholars who have looked at this are sounding the alarm. Using public health as justification, the WHO wants the power to dictate health policies, control our ability to travel, and even regulate what they consider mis-, dis-, or malinformation on social media.

It doesn’t take a believer in end times Bible prophecy to see how next May’s seemingly boring meeting of health professionals and bureaucrats could lay the groundwork for a global government. If you have a prophetic worldview, you see exactly where this leads.

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