Occult Origins of Ancient Aliens

OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE is back in the news as a “whistleblower” has come forward with claims of alien spacecraft recovered by the US military.

We’ve heard this before. Actual proof is non-existent, and, as with every major UFO/UAP “disclosure” since Roswell in 1947, the military-intelligence complex has fingerprints all over it.

So, to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the Roswell incident, we bring you a presentation based on the 2017 book Josh Peck and I co-authored, The Day the Earth Stands Still. This was a talk I gave last fall at the Church of Glad Tidings in Live Oak, California. The bottom line is this: The modern belief in “ancient aliens” can be traced from Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Däniken back to the occult teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley—by way of the horror fiction of H. P. Lovecraft.

In our book, and in this talk, we connect the dots from Crowley to Cthulhu to Chaos.

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