Unraveling Revelation: Death of the Gods

The death of the pagan gods has been decreed. End times prophecy is about how that sentence will be carried out.

Dr. Michael Heiser, a good friend and excellent scholar who passed into glory February 20, 2023, joined us in the summer of 2021 to discuss the divine council—what it is, where we find it in scripture, and why Psalm 82, contrary to the interpretation of most Bible teachers, is a courtroom scene in heaven at which God passes judgment on the small-G gods.

Here is the link to the episode of Mike’s Naked Bible Podcast where he explains why Jesus quoting Psalm 82 in John 10:34–36 does not mean that the “gods” of Psalm 82 are men. At that page, you’ll find links to Mike’s academic paper and a narrated slide presentation on this topic.

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