Accused Waukesha Killer Should Have Been Behind Bars

Darrell Brooks Jr., accused of driving his SUV into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin Sunday night, killing five and injuring dozens more, was released on low-cost bail twice this year—including earlier this month, when he was freed on $1,000 bond for allegedly running over a woman with the same vehicle.

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5) Alleged Waukesha killer on the streets because of liberal bail policies; 4) Gangs loot three upscale retail stores in San Francisco area over the weekend; 3) Power customers in UK and US facing cold, expensive winter; 2) Europe looking at vaccine mandates while Fauci says children as young as 6 months could be eligible for jab by spring; 1) Toronto school cancels speaking engagement by Yezidi woman from Iraq because her story of life under ISIS could “foster Islamophobia.”

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