Unraveling Revelation: War in Heaven

THE EMERGENCE of the Beast, the Antichrist of the end times, kicks off a three-end-a-half year period of literal hell on earth. But the war for control of the earth won’t be limited to the natural world.

We discuss the connection between the seven-headed Beast of Revelation 13 and the four beasts of Daniel 7, the transfer of power and authority from Satan to the Beast, and why the diadems from Satan’s heads are placed on the Beast’s horns, not his heads.

We also explain why we believe the Daniel 7:19–27 reveals that Revelation 13:7, which reveals that the Beast will be “allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them,” actually refers to conflict in the spirit realm. The key? The Aramaic word rendered “saints” in Daniel 7 is the same word he used for the faithful Watchers in Daniel 4 (the “holy ones”).

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