Free preview of ‘The Great Inception’

tower_eridu-2000The company printing my new book told us Thursday that it’s shipping a month later than we’d been promised. So we won’t have copies before April 8th.

That was not news we wanted to hear. There are several thousand boxes at the warehouse pre-packed with everything in the special “Cosmic War” bundle, including Mike Heiser’s book Reversing Hermon, just waiting for my book to arrive from the printer so we can fill those orders.

If you’re waiting for your copy of The Great Inception (and thank you), let me offer this to you until it arrives.

At the official website for the book, I’ve posted a ten-part series of articles adapted from the book.  That’s nearly 30,000 words, almost a third of the book, at no charge. (I may also add new content as I find things to write about that relate to the content of the book.)

This is also a great no-risk, no-cost opportunity to decide whether buying the book is worthwhile.

Click here.  All ten articles are linked at that page. And thank you for your patience.

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