Here’s an interview recorded recently with Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt (AKA Dr. Chaps) for his PIJN News program. I enjoyed this conversation.Continue Reading

Apparently, there is a scheduling conflict.  So no radio interview this morning.Continue Reading

I’ll be Robby Dilmore’s guest this morning on Kingdom Pursuits on the Truth Radio Network. Listen live at 10AM Central Time (UTC -6) by clicking here.Continue Reading

What did God mean when he told Abraham his descendants would return from Egypt in the fourth generation because “the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete”? Moses made it clear to readers in his day. But because we don’t know history, we miss the point.Continue Reading

Mark it down: Armageddon will be fought at Jerusalem. The long war is for control of God’s holy mountain, and that’s Mount Zion — the Temple Mount. And Jesus named the enemy.Continue Reading