The First Church of the Singularity

September 30, 2016

Transhumanism is a religion. A group of transhumanists set up a “cathedral” at this year’s Burning Man festival where they held services described as “a cross between a pentecostal service, apocalyptic warnings, and a rave.”

Every day is your birthday

September 29, 2016

Watching a prominent pastor on TV tonight. No names. This isn’t about me vs. him. But great googly moogly, he’s teaching his (very large) congregation that the key to success is praying like you’re a child

Buy a daddy with your smartphone

September 28, 2016

The London Sperm Bank has launched a smartphone app for single women to order up a sperm donor to spec. This is another step closer to making Nazi-like eugenics mainstream.

Bohemian Grove elites reject Trump

September 26, 2016

Leaked email from Colin Powell shows that the elites who gather at the pagan Bohemian Grove think Donald Trump would be a “disaster”. That’s actually an endorsement.

The ancient world and the Bible

September 26, 2016

THE BIBLE was not written in a vacuum. Richard Burke, author of the Raising Up Pharaoh series of novels, has invested 30,000 hours of research into the ancient world to make his fictional realm believable.

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