Unraveling Revelation: Judgment on Worshippers of the Beast

The seven bowl judgments decreed by God are reserved for a world that is beyond redemption.

While we believe that a remnant will survive into the period of the Lord’s wrath, it will not be a good time to be alive for anyone. This week, we look at the first three bowl judgments: Ugly and painful sores on everyone who takes the mark of the Beast and worships his image and the transformation of the waters of the world into blood.

Beyond echoing plagues that struck Egypt during the Exodus, Sharon observes that pouring out the judgments from bowls is a reversal of the ancient pagan ritual called kispum, a necromancy ceremony in which spirits of the dead (actually demons) were summoned to a meal at which a drink offering was poured out.

We also note that there is an angel in charge of the waters, just as there is an angel in charge of the fire on the altar of God (Rev. 14:18) and four angels who hold back the four winds (Rev. 7:1).

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