Iron and Myth 11 – Reclaiming Christmas

IT’S TIME for Christians to reclaim Christmas.

We live at a time when some Christians are intimidated about wishing other Christians a Merry Christmas, afraid they might accidentally be participating in what was originally a pagan rite. Our monthly Iron and Myth round table says, “So what if it was?”

Author and pastor Doug Van Dorn, bestselling author and award-winning screenwriter Brian Godawa, and Director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology Dr. Judd Burton discuss the signs in the heavens that pointed to the birth of Jesus, the ways in which the powers and principalities—the gods of the pagan world—have tried to appropriate what was, in actual, historical fact, a Christian celebration from the beginning, and why—biblically—it doesn’t matter.


Listen to this week’s program at A View from a Bunker, or watch it at the Gilbert House YouTube channel:

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