SciFriday: Apophis, Wormwood, and Ragnarok

A big space rock is heading for Earth. NASA says it will miss us by about 24,000 miles on April 13, 2029, but that’s only 1/10 the distance from the earth to the moon—closer than some of our orbiting satellites.

Filmmaker Josh Peck joins us to discuss his new documentary Ragnarok: Humanity’s Last Stand, based on Tom Horn’s best-selling book The Wormwood Prophecy. The film explores the science behind the projected orbit of Apophis, questions about the assumptions and calculations, and the scientific and supernatural significance of the object named for the Egyptian god of chaos.

It leads to some big questions: Is asteroid Apophis the third trumpet judgment of Revelation 8? If so, what does that mean for us? And if not, what do we take away from this?

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