NASA recently smashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to test a concept for a future planetary defense system. Is it a coincidence that asteroid Dimorphos is about the same size as Apophis, which makes a near-pass of Earth in 2029?Continue Reading

A big space rock is heading for Earth. NASA says it will miss us by about 24,000 miles on April 13, 2029, but that’s only 1/10 the distance from the earth to the moon—closer than some of our orbiting satellites.Continue Reading

Sharon and I are guests on today’s episode of The Jim Bakker Show, talking about end times prophecy and Josh Peck’s mind-blowing new documentary, Ragnarok: Humanity’s Last Stand.Continue Reading

An outage at Amazon last week disrupted package deliveries, silenced the Alexa personal assistant, and locked some people out of their homes. Meanwhile, police in Canada warn that Internet-connected tracking devices are being used to steal high-end vehicles.Continue Reading

We look ahead to the year 2100 and see radical life extension, the changes it will have on human behavior, and the potential problems with not being able to die even when you want to (think Revelation 9:6).

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Government agencies around the world are planning for earthshaking catastrophes as an asteroid impact, the zombie apocalypse, and even how to kill giant monsters like Godzilla.

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The prophetic implications of the asteroid Apophis was the topic of my segment on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett last night.Continue Reading