A new book, appropriately titled Laptop from Hell, claims that the former chairman of the defunct Chinese energy firm CEFC offered Hunter Biden $10 million a year for at least three years for “introductions alone”–presumably to his father.Continue Reading

A new, heavily mutated variant of SARS-CoV-2 emerged last week, crashing stock markets and leading nations to shut down travel from several countries in southern Africa. The doctor who first reported it, however, says there is no cause for panic as the strain appears to cause only mild symptoms.Continue Reading

Darrell Brooks Jr., accused of driving his SUV into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin Sunday night, killing five and injuring dozens more, was released on low-cost bail twice this year—including earlier this month, when he was freed on $1,000 bond for allegedly running over a woman with the same vehicle.Continue Reading

WE LIVE in a supernatural reality. Christians should be the first to acknowledge this but we’ve conceded the territory to occultists. Christopher Knowles has been trying to awaken us to the global “Sorcerarchy who rule over all of us today” since 2007 at his blog, The Secret Sun.Continue Reading

THE EMERGENCE of the Beast, the Antichrist of the end times, kicks off a three-end-a-half year period of literal hell on earth. But the war for control of the earth won’t be limited to the natural world.Continue Reading