Facebook’s decision to eliminate integration with OS X, WordPress, and other platforms is annoying and stupid. Maybe they’re trying to drive people like us off the platform, at least as content creators, now that they’ve looped in professionals willing to feed them free videos they can serve up ad nauseum.

Facebook was nice for family pictures and reconnecting with lost friends. Now it’s the virtual equivalent of taking the Chicago subway during rush hour. In the middle of winter. I don’t need it that badly.

I’ll be posting more to my blog than to Facebook going forward. Subscribe to my blog for updates here: www.derekpgilbert.com

Or try my Twitter feed. Twitter still lets you cross-post from a blog: Twitter.com/derekgilbert

The bottom line is this: If tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube/Google block us, YOU CAN STILL LOOK AT OUR WEBSITES. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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