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  • Bill Salus – The identity of Mystery Babylon

    April 22, 2018

    AFTER 2,000 years, scholars and student of Bible prophecy still haven’t nailed down the identity of Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelation. Bill Salus joined us at the Hear the Watchmen conference in Dallas to discuss his recent debate with Joel Richardson on this topic.

Bible Study

  • The sword of Yahweh

    April 22, 2018

    GOD’S REASONS for His judgment against the apostate kingdom of Judah is the focus of this week’s study.

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Derek’s Speaking Schedule

May 20-27, 2018 - Rome & Sardinia

true-legends Derek & Sharon Gilbert join Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino on a tour of historic and archaeological sites of Rome and Sardinia!

August 9-12, 2018 - Long Island

Hear the Watchmen Derek and Sharon Gilbert with L.A. Marzulli, Carl Gallups, Rabbi Zev Porat, Russ Dizdar, Pastor Paul Begley, Henry Gruver, and more!

Sept. 14-16, 2018 - Branson

True Legends Conference

Oct. 18-20, 2018 - Gettysburg

Gettysburg battlefield The 2018 East Coast Prophecy Conference features Derek Gilbert, Tom Horn, Joe Horn, Dr. Larry Spargimino, Dr. Bob Glaze, and more.