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  • Did Hackers Bring Down Marine Corps F-35?

    The Marine Corps’ missing F-35 stealth fighter was found Monday evening, but questions remain as to what happened that forced the pilot to eject. A report from 2019 revealed that the plane’s software was vulnerable to attack by hackers.

  • Politics as Religion

    Reactions to shocking public displays by two women—one a Democratic candidate for the Virginia state assembly, the other a GOP Representative in Colorado—highlight the fact that politics is, even for many professing Christians, a religion.

  • Murder in Las Vegas

    Two teens in a stolen car deliberately hit and killed a random bicyclist last month in Las Vegas. Police found the boys after they shared video of the killing to social media. This is symptomatic of a growing spiritual evil.

  • Iron and Myth 21: Revenants – The Unquiet Dead

    WHAT HAPPENS when the dead don’t stay that way? And is that even possible?

  • Biden Time

    Hunter Biden has been indicted on three gun-related charges, about the only things he’s accused of that doesn’t implicate his father. Meanwhile, the House begins its impeachment inquiry into the president, an odd kickoff to his reelection campaign.

  • Unraveling Revelation: Babylon and Chaos

    THE WOMAN seated on the scarlet beast in the wilderness is called Babylon the Great, “a name of mystery.” The beast is described as a chimera in Revelation 12—part leopard, part lion, part bear. That’s a callback to the beasts of Daniel 7 which, if you include the fourth beast

Where is Derek?

Bible Study

My Soul is in the Midst of Lions

GIVING THANKS in the middle of trouble is difficult, even contrary to our nature. But David did it again and again, even when he was surrounded by enemies—not all of which were human.

Deep Calls to Deep

DAVID WAS not perfect, but he recognized his failures. More importantly, he acknowledged that God was the source of his salvation—his yeshua.

He Bowed the Heavens and Came Down

THIS WEEK’S STUDY is a song of deliverance that follows the account of David’s final victory over the Philistine “sons of the Rapha.”

Sons of the Rapha

THE BELIEF that the Philistines were giants (or had giants among them) with six fingers and toes on their hands and feet comes from 2 Samuel 21. That’s not necessarily what those verses mean.

After Absalom

THE POLITICS of David’s day was just brutal and bloody as it is today.

Do You Decree What is Right, O Gods?

DAVID’S CAPACITY for self-examination is remarkable. Many powerful people throughout history found it difficult, if not impossible, to admit flaws and learn from mistakes.

The Lord is My Strength and My Shield

ONE OF THE hardest things you can do is give thanks to God in the middle of trouble.


Iron and Myth 21: Revenants – The Unquiet Dead

WHAT HAPPENS when the dead don’t stay that way? And is that even possible?

The Law of Attraction: Gateway Drug to Spiritual Heroin

A NEW AGE teaching very much like sorcery is making its way into Christian churches.

Cruel Logic

COULD YOU defend your worldview as if your worldview depended on it? What if your life actually DID depend on it?

Higher Frequencies

MUSIC HAS power. It can inspire, and it can seduce. And for those with the gift of making music, it can be a test and a trap.

Iron and Myth 20 – Scaring the Hell Out of You

IS IT possible for a story to literally scare the Hell out of you?

Digging the Bible

IT’S TRUE—if you want to do archaeology in Israel, you go into the field with a shovel in one hand and a Bible in the other.

Tombs of the Giants

A GROWING BODY of evidence links the giants of the pre-Flood world with ancient Canaan and the mysterious island of Sardinia off the west coast of Italy.

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