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  • NATO OK With Ukraine Bombing Russia

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said last week that Ukraine has the right to use NATO-supplied weapons to strike deep inside Russia—which suggests that Russia might feel free to respond deep inside NATO countries.

  • Unraveling Revelation: Tyre, Babylon, and the Amorites

    TYRE WAS the great maritime trading empire of the ancient world and the city that sent out the colonists who founded Carthage in North Africa, a city infamous for child sacrifice.

  • The Prayer of Solomon

    SOLOMON’S PRAYER for wisdom pleased God, who honored Solomon’s wish and granted him more besides.

  • Fellowship of the King

    THE WORLD is a chaotic place: Wars, rumors of war, and a ruling class that is deliberately keeping the rest of us stirred up and angry at each other.

  • The Friday Five – Migrant Gang Members Attack New York Cops

    Two illegal migrants accused of taking part in a mob attack on New York City police officers Jan. 27 were finally arrested this week. The men are allegedly part of a violent Venezuelan gang entering the US through lax border enforcement.

  • Falling Math Scores a National Security Issue

    A new assessment of math proficiency around the world found that American students have fallen farther behind other advanced nations since 2018, a trend that’s worrying US defense officials.

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Bible Study

The Prayer of Solomon

SOLOMON’S PRAYER for wisdom pleased God, who honored Solomon’s wish and granted him more besides.

The Wisdom of Solomon

SOLOMON BEGAN his reign with a prayer for wisdom, a prayer that was answered by God in a dream.

Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet

WE OFTEN WISH that God would show us the road we’ll travel for the rest of our lives. That’s not the sense of His promise in Psalm 119:105.

Blessed Are Those Whose Way is Blameless

PSALM 119 is sometimes called the Mount Everest of psalms.

Rise Up, O Judge of the Earth

It’s tempting, when looking at the state of the world, to conclude that God has abandoned us to the wolves.

The Death of David

The succession of Solomon to the throne of David wasn’t secure even through the final days of the old king’s life.

His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING is at the heart of this week’s collection of psalms.


Iron and Myth 26 – Pharmakeia, Tech, and Portals

TECHNOLOGY TO help you get possessed. It’s out there—apps to guide you in journeys to the spirit realm. And what about the use of mind-altering drugs to open gateways to the unseen realm?

The Epic of Esau

ONE OF the most enigmatic characters in the Bible is a man who literally sold his birthright for a bowl of beans.

The Legacy of Tom Horn and Future of SkyWatchTV

HOW DO YOU replace one of a kind?

Iran, Israel, and War in the Middle East

The Middle East is in turmoil, but trying to understand the conflict in terms of simple geopolitics doesn’t provide good answers.

Iron and Myth 25: Portals

DO PLACES EXIST where the veil between this world and the next is thinner—namely, portals?

“Saving Democracy” by Killing It

A SIGNIFICANT PORTION of liberal America apparently feels the only way to “save our democracy” is by disenfranchising tens of millions of voters.

Prophecy and the Israel-Hamas War

THE WAR between Israel and Hamas began three months ago today. Is this the start of the conflict prophesied in Psalm 83, the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38–39, or something else?

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