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Bible Study

Wisdom is Not a Goddess or Yahweh’s Wife

WISDOM IS NOT a female deity who’s been written out of Jewish and Christian theology over the last 3,000 years.

Her Steps Follow the Path to Sheol

ANOTHER WARNING of the spiritual consequences of adultery is the theme of this week’s study.

Her House Sinks Down to Death

WE RETURN to our regularly scheduled reading this week with proverbs that are paternal calls for wisdom–and a warning against communing with spirits of the dead.

I Set Jerusalem as a Doorway to be Shaken

IRAN ATTACKED ISRAEL late last night, the first time the Islamic Republic has struck at Israel directly. The sight of missiles over the Temple Mount evokes images of the end times.

Together in the Garden of Love

IT’S APPARENT why the Song of Solomon is not often preached in church.

As a Lily Among Brambles

THE SONG OF SOLOMON has layers of meaning. On the surface, it’s a beautiful depiction of the intimate relationship between a husband and wife. At a deeper level, it’s a picture of the mutual love between Christ and his church.

The Prayer of Solomon

SOLOMON’S PRAYER for wisdom pleased God, who honored Solomon’s wish and granted him more besides.


Iron and Myth 29: Gods or Human Judges?

WHEN ARE GODS not gods? When they’re rebranded as human judges or rulers to avoid uncomfortable theological implications.

Solidarity with Israel

IT’S BIZARRE that world opinion has swung against Israel in its ongoing war in Gaza.

Your Mission in God’s Army

AS THE WORLD hurtles toward the Second Coming, you have a unique mission for our King.  Retired U.S. Army Colonel David Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson join us to discuss their new book Your Mission in God’s Army ( They explain what it means to walk in supernatural power, protection, and provision; how to

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy Part 2

YOU CANNOT understand the supernatural conflict described in the Bible if you don’t understand what happened in Genesis 6:1–4.

‘Palestine’ and the Church

THERE IS A RISING TIDE of anti-Semitism in the body of Christ. It’s time for believers to address this issue.

Iron and Myth 28: Acknowledge Yahweh, You Sons of El

THE PSALMS are often polemics directed at the gods of the pagan nations around Israel. Case in point is the subject of this month’s Iron and Myth roundtable, Psalm 29.

Gate of the Gods

MYSTERY BABYLON of the end times is the return of Babel.

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