No, we’re not

moore-muslimThe picture at right illustrates the self-destruction of progressivism in America.

Please understand, I don’t advocate violence or hatred toward anyone. I’m all in favor of helping those in need. But prudently.

The left is twisting itself into knots, accusing Donald Trump of being Islamophobic and anti-Semitic at the same time (ignoring that Trump’s Jewish son-in-law has an important role in the administration). There are ways to help Muslim refugees without transplanting them into a land with an alien culture, and at the risk of bringing with them agents of violent Islam — which a quick review of the last 1,400 years of history shows is mainstream, not radical.

Progressivism isn’t going away, it’s morphing into something new. The mask is dropping and Americans are beginning to see the face behind it.

Democrats have tied their party’s future to open borders for the last half a century, and as a result they are becoming the anti-white party. That’s not conservatives being hateful; that’s the fundamental transformation of the demographics of the Democratic Party from importing millions of people with no ties to American culture, values, or history.

When a white woman from Idaho tries to become chair of the Democratic National Committee by declaring that her job is to “shut other white people down,” you know the party has jumped the shark. Alienating 70% of the country right off the bat is a bad strategy for winning elections.

My prediction, based on this event and the reported treatment of some of the women who wanted to take part in the Women’s March on Washington last weekend: Liberal white people will find they are less and less welcome in the Democratic Party in the years ahead.

To be clear: I do not advocate violence toward anyone. History is a harsh mistress, though, and those who don’t listen to her pay a heavy price. It’s a simple formula: Diversity + proximity = conflict. Restoring common sense to our immigration policies might — might — head it off.

But don’t put money on it.

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