Press conference beat-down!

The media’s bias against President-Elect Trump went into hyperdrive over the last 24 hours. BuzzFeed and CNN gave credence to an unverified, unsourced report that is so over the top, it’s a wonder that any rational adult thought it might be true.

The events have been covered in great depth by real news sites like ZeroHedge, so we’ll not go into it here. But the upshot is that CNN jumped onto a story that was invented to hoax #NeverTrump GOP operatives. It wound up in the hands of Sen. John McCain, who hand-delivered it to FBI Director James Comey. And someone in the intelligence community leaked it to BuzzFeed, whose editors decided to publish the entire 35-page dossier despite it being unverified and unsourced.

That is not journalism. But CNN, eager to bash The Donald, ran with it, too. Trump called out the network during his press conference today and was cheered by other members of the White House press corps.

When you can’t sell an anti-Trump story to the New York Times, you know it’s fake.

And progressives in the media haven’t figured out yet that abandoning journalistic standards to smear a guy they obviously hate only helps him in the eyes of a lot of Americans. They lined up rank and file behind Hillary Clinton, who is so ethically challenged that it will be a long time before the mainstream press earns back any respect from Middle America.

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