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Odd to see a defense of John Podesta at

Because of the “Spirit Cooking” reference, a number of right-wing websites have rushed to condemn Podesta as a cult involved, blood sucking, hair eating devil worshipper. Twitter is ablaze with satanic images.

First off, we have no proof Podesta did or did not attend the dinner. Second, this dinner was about a “cookbook” and weird art, not devil worship.

Presumably, the young Ms. Pavlich is concerned that conservatives will look ridiculous by pursuing this line of thinking. The fact, however, is that Katie is clueless.

I won’t link to Marina Abramovic’s “Spirit Cooking” video on YouTube, but you can find it if you want. The ingredients are straight out of the Aleister Crowley recipe for his gnostic mass.

Pavlich is correct, we don’t know that John Podesta ever attended the dinner, or even if he responded to his brother’s invitation. But implying that Abramovic’s “art” is nothing more than creative expression is just uninformed, and telling us to “calm down the hell down” is condescending and insulting.

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