Live from Morningside Friday and Saturday

Live from Morningside this Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM CDT

I had to cut a big chunk of out of my presentation for the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference this past weekend to stay close to the time limit on the schedule. That was OK; I have a tendency to want to share everything I know about whatever I’m talking about. That’s not always best.

As it turned out, by cutting out so much of the good stuff, my talk was left with just the awesome. (That’s not me being egotistical, by the way. I’m referring to the biblical and archaeological stuff.)

But this coming weekend, I get to put the stuff I cut back into the talk. The folks at Morningside — that’s Jim and Lori Bakker’s church — have invited us down and given me two nights to speak. Both talks will be live-streamed to the Internet for free.

So if you’re curious to see how Crowley, coneheads, Cthulhu, and clay bullets fit into a presentation on the long war between God and rebellious fallen angels, log on here Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 PM CDT (UTC -5). The presentation will be archived after broadcast.

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