Sharon delivers her presentation, "I Think, Therefore I AM," at the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference
Sharon delivers her presentation, “I Think, Therefore I AM”

Sharon and I made it home from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference earlier today. Thankfully, we tend to rise early; we’d had it in our heads that we were flying home Tuesday until the hotel slipped our bill under the door this morning. So instead of another day at the hotel, we packed and caught a ride to the airport (thanks, Tyler!).

It’s just as well. It’s easier to decompress for a day surrounded by the comforts of home. The main reason for being at the conference is to fellowship with other believers, and that was wonderful — well worth the trip.

Sharon was absolutely brilliant delivering her presentation, “I Think, Therefore I AM”.  It’s clear that she feels much better than during previous conferences, and the audience in the packed room was taking notes as fast as they could write and type.

Once again, I had the best job at the conference: It was my honor to interview every other speaker on the schedule, plus Dr. Michael Heiser, who was there as Tom Horn’s guest. The two dozen interviews will be bonus material on the forthcoming DVD set.

The lineup of speakers pulled together by Bob Ulrich of Prophecy Watchers was absolutely stellar. Not because of the volume of book sales, but because of the range of topics and the thought that went into all of the presentations: Geopolitics (Bill Koenig, Joel Richardson, Avi Lipkin), the occult (Dr. Michael Lake, Doc Marquis, Paul McGuire), archaeology (Dr. Randall Price, Timothy Mahoney), science and technology (Josh Peck, Sharon K. Gilbert, LTC Bob Maginnis), straight-up prophecy (Bill Salus, Joseph Farah, Ken Johnson, Gary Stearman) and more — this had something for everybody.

Of course, what Stan Deyo and L.A. Marzulli brought to the conference was jaw-dropping. They’re sort of becoming known for that.

It was truly an honor to be there. Sharon and I had a wonderful time meeting new friends, which is really the best part of events like this. We know we’re not alone in our journey, but being reminded in such a tangible way is a true blessing.

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