Over but the shouting

So Indiana is the final battleground for Ted Cruz.

This political cycle has been the most entertaining in years, partly because Donald Trump (and his supporters) are causing Republican Party elites a lot of sleepless nights.  Watching the angst on the political blogs has been gratifying.

Neocons, you did this.  Own it.

Politics are a lot more fun when you’re not heavily invested in it.  Pretend it’s pro wrestling, because it’s usually about as real.  GOP leaders are upset because Trump is going off script, and the crowd is loving it.

I know a lot of Christians have issues with Mr. Trump.  Understandable.  I don’t expect the next president of the United States to single-handedly do anything, much less serve as Theologian-in-Chief.  We thought we had that with George W. Bush, and we learned afterward that his inner circle privately mocked the evangelicals who naively thought they’d put “their man” in the White House.

I refuse to let myself get too caught up in the game anymore.  In fact, I cut five minutes out of tomorrow’s update for SkyWatchTV in post production this afternoon because it was too political.  People can get than on the cable news networks.  Me, I do actual research on the Army Chief of Staff’s “hybrid armies and little green men” speech!

Yes, I would love to see the federal government’s unconstitutional power grabs since 9/11 rolled back, but success or failure on that score won’t affect my sense of self-worth.  The Creator of the universe died for me.  (You, too).  Top that, Mr. Obama.

The next president has three priorities.  Nothing else comes close in importance:

  1. Secure the borders.
  2. Negotiate trade deals that benefit the middle class instead of multinational corporations.
  3. Get our military out of the nation-building business. 

If the next president manages those three things he will be successful.  I say “he” on purpose, because Hillary would do none of the three.

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