Five holy mountains

Mount Zaphon (Jebel Aqra)
Mount Zaphon (Jebel Aqra)

THIS WEEK’S Old Testament study is another fascinating glimpse into the supernatural war taking place in the heavenlies, this time set against the backdrop of the establishment of Yahweh’s covenant with David and His holy mountain, Zion.

Psalm 89 specifically refers to the divine council and Yahweh’s defeat of the entity that represented primordial chaos, Rahab (Leviathan). It also mentions four holy mountains–Tabor, Hermon, Zaphon, and Yamin–in a passage that is not explicitly clear in the English translation. The context, of course, is God’s message to David that He would one day, after David “walked with his fathers”, have a house on Zion, the holy mountain of God.

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