Blinded by Marx

Comments about the Islamic State by members of the Obama administration over the past week or so, including those by the president himself at the National Prayer Breakfast, confirm what many of us had already concluded about the ruling clique in D.C.: They are so blinded by their Marxist bias that they can’t see what’s right in front of them.

Experts such as Dr. Timothy Furnish point out that the Islamic State is very open about why it does what it does:

[T]hey tell you every day with every statement, every video, every beheading, what they are trying to do. If you don’t understand them you don’t want to understand them. […] Instead, [administration spokespeople] roll out the tired old meme that jobs are the problem. Study after study has shown poverty does not cause terrorism. There’s no correlation. The liberals are wedded to this belief that poverty causes crime, so they just take that and apply it to the international arena and it ends up as foreign policy.

This administration, from the president down, is so thoroughly indoctrinated into atheistic Marxism that every problem is viewed as class struggle, hence State Department spokesperson Marie Harf’s naive claim that a jobs program would solve Islamic terror.

Predictably, liberal pundits quickly criticized Graeme Wood’s piece in The Atlantic, which was a balanced comparison of the eschatological views of the Islamic State and moderate Islam–which, in the view of ISIS, are essentially heretical.

Until we in the scientistic West acknowledge that there are people in this world who really do live their lives according to their religious beliefs, we’re not going to understand the Islamic State, much less formulate an effective response to it.

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