Making progress

We’re making progress, at home and at work! Our short-term lodgings are comfortable, and we’ve finally got a functional temporary audio studio up and running at the SkyWatchTV offices.

I recorded an important interview today with Warren B. Smith, author of Another Jesus Calling, which will be Sunday’s program for A View from the Bunker, and knocked out several voiceovers for a client this evening.

The big room has more echo than I liked, but I was able to damp it down with a comforter (we have a lot of stuff in temporary storage at the SkyWatchTV building) strung between a pair of mic stands. Hey–you do what ya gotta do.

There have been a couple of minor hiccups with our home sale and with the home we want to buy, but nothing too serious. Nothing worthwhile is easy anyway. We’re really glad to be here in the Ozarks and looking forward to an exciting year as we get up to speed.

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