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Things have been pretty busy here lately, and as usual, the website I’m responsible for that’s last to get any attention is my own.

We’re past the fall convention for the Barbershop Harmony Society in Illinois, so at least that’s off the table, but now I’ve got two stints of out-of-state overnight travel for work in the next three weeks, possibly a trip to Missouri to visit some friends in November, and a pair of virtual prophecy conferences in November (about which more later). No complaints, though; I’d be bored if I wasn’t trying to figure out how to get everything done.

Sharon and I also just confirmed an invitation to address a graduate level class on global technology about the transhumanism movement at Eastern Illinois University. That should be very interesting. We’re looking forward to it, and thankful for the opportunity to bring this issue to a younger audience.

While we’re thankful and have been truly blessed to speak at nearly a dozen prophecy conferences over the last four years, the average age of those attending those conferences is heavily weighted toward the 45+ demos — and is more than half women.

Nothing wrong with that, but we need to get into the minds of younger people. Statistically speaking, the odds are very much against somebody coming to Christ after the age of 18. The older one gets, the more comfortable one tends to be with his or her worldview. Now, we understand that the students in this class will be on the high side of 18, but still younger than most of the people we typically meet at prophecy conferences.

And — while I don’t know this for a fact — I suspect that students pursuing a post-grad degree in engineering will more likely be male than female. In other words, precisely the people I want to address.

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