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VFTB 028: Chris White — The 2012 Deception

December 20, 2009

THREE YEARS from now, the world will explode. Or mankind will be transformed into ascended beings — or maybe nothing will happen at all. Chris White has been researching the growing interest in the year

VFTB 027: Tom Horn — Apollyon Rising 2012

December 14, 2009

THE UNITED STATES was founded to bring forth the resurrected Apollo. So says Tom Horn in his new book, Apollyon Rising 2012, in which he makes the case that 18th century Freemasons wanted to establish a New Atlantis.

VFTB 026: Peter Levenda — Freemasons and the Founding of America

December 5, 2009

ASK 13 people about the Freemasons and you’ll get 33 different opinions. Peter Levenda, author of the new book The Secret Temple, discussed Freemasonry, the brotherhood’s connection to groups like Scientology, Theosophy, and the Mormons, and why it all matters.

VFTB 025: Doug Elwell — Osiria

November 29, 2009

Author Doug Elwell talks about a land, nearly hidden in myth, known to researchers as “Osiria”. Who was the god-man Osiris? And why are some secret societies trying to recreate the technology of the ancient world?

VFTB 024: Judd Burton — Interview With the Giant

November 22, 2009

DESPITE NEAR-UNIVERSAL skepticism from mainstream science — and most Christians — Judd Burton, director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology, believes that the giants of Genesis 6 are to be taken literally.

VFTB 023: Dr. Henry Niman — Deadly Flu in Ukraine

November 19, 2009

WESTERN MEDIA are beginning to notice the outbreak of flu in Ukraine. As of today, some 86,000 people there are hospitalized and 344 have died.

VFTB 022: Paul and Phillip Collins — The Cult of the Superweapon

November 15, 2009

H.G. WELLS, Pakistani nuclear physicist A.Q. Khan (father of the Islamic nuke), and Tim LaHaye are all connected through what researchers Paul and Phillip Collins call “the cult of the superweapon”. Basically, Wells idea was that a weapon so devastating that it threatened all life on Earth would be just what was needed to overcome the primitive concept of nationhood and local autonomy, and his beliefs have been transformed into reality over the last century.

VFTB 021: Patrick Heron — Antichrist and the New World Order

November 8, 2009

DR. PATRICK HERON returns to the bunker to discuss his new book, The Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order. As we’ve come to expect from Paddy, this is an hour you’ll enjoy and appreciate: he tells us why Barack Obama is absolutely not the Antichrist, how the United States figures into end times prophecy, and who — or what — exactly he believes the Antichrist to be.

VFTB 020: Paul & Phillip Collins — Their Kingdom Come

November 1, 2009

DOMINIONISM IS the most dangerous threat to the Christian church today. It’s seductive, because it plays on the patriotic sentiments of many evangelicals, but it’s not scriptural.

VFTB 019: Dr. Paul Williams / Waking Jonah

October 25, 2009

TONIGHT WE we talk with journalist Dr. Paul L. Williams about radical Islam, and then Jacob Segerman of the Waking Jonah podcast.

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