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Signs and Wonders
Signs and Wonders
Sharon K. Gilbert
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Katherine Adamson is in a race against time.

Can she unravel the mystery of her aunt’s diary in time to stop the demonic clock set into motion by Amy Horine’s kidnapping? Can John Thundercloud’s journals shed light into the rising darkness surrounding Eden, Indiana? What is real estate agent Rhonda Coleman hiding?

And who is Mister One?

Prepare yourself for a non-stop, heart pounding ride as Katy, Josh, Pastor Jones, and Thundercloud lead a group of Eden’s faithful against Satan’s plans for a genetic Armageddon.

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Winds of Evil by Sharon K. Gilbert

Katherine Adamson hadn’t expected to find her hometown infested with demons.

Following the sudden death of her aunt, Celeste Adamson, Katy returns to Eden and finds the town in an uproar. Two well-loved, high school teens have disappeared, leaving only a running car and a bloody shoe. Strange lights have appeared over a local farm, leaving behind blackened circles. Eden County Hospital is reporting record births, incredibly large babies, destined to join the ranks of a growing number of giants.

Many of the town’s prosperous citizens have been shielding evil secrets, but their illicit behavior has been discovered by the mysterious Dr. Apollo Bell, who heads up Mt. Hermon Institute. All of Eden has become a war camp, and citizens are being forced to take sides in an eternal battle. Had Katherine’s aunt played a part in this battle? Was Celeste Adamson a sacrifice to the bloodlust of these demonic beings? And what does the enigmatic John Thundercloud know? Why does the old Winnebago Indian write line after line in what has become an entire library of diaries? What obsession drives him? And how is local pastor, Enoch Jones, involved?

Joshua Carpenter might have some of the answers, although he doesn’t yet realize it. As publishing editor of Eden’s faltering newspaper, The Eden Chronicle, Josh joins forces with Katy, and a romance that they’d begun years before at Eden College, rekindles as the couple seeks out the truth in a labyrinth of mysteries and danger.

Katherine Adamson thinks she has returned to Indiana to settle her aunt’s estate, but she will soon learn she has been purposefully drawn into a battle of the ages. While she hopes to find an idyllic world where she can rediscover herself, what she discovers instead is a nest of spiritual vipers whose dual purpose is to corrupt the humans of the picturesque river town and force God into a showdown with their genetically perfect Man of Sin.

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The Armageddon Strain by Sharon K. Gilbert

“We’re so sorry, but your father passed away twenty minutes ago. Would you like to speak with his nurse?”

With these words, Dr. Maggie Hilliard Taylor begins a yellow brick road journey that will forever change her concept of reality. As an avian flu epidemic grips the country, a mysterious package arrives in Taylor’s office – a computer with an encoded message of doom for all of humanity. Why has Maggie’s old high school friend, a government operative, chosen now to resurface? Why is Dr. Hank Meier, a virtual stranger, trying so hard to win Taylor’s friendship?

As she unravels the mystery, Maggie’s journey takes her deep into enemy territory, and she soon learns how her father’s untimely death is linked to the deaths of nearly two dozen other scientists — and that every one of the dead or missing specialists had a connection to a shadowy company known to the world as BioStrain, a company with a government contract to create a doomsday weapon known only as the BioStrain chip.

And now that same company wants Maggie to take up her Father’s work – no matter what the cost.

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