The chief god of Mesopotamia before the political rise of Babylon was the deity called the “Great Mountain,” Enlil. He was simply “the” god, his name deriving from a doubling of the Semitic word ilu (“god”):  il + ilû, meaning “god of gods,” or “god of all the gods.”Continue Reading

This is a small sample chapter from the book I’m currently writing. If all goes as planned, this will be published in 2019. As we noted in the introduction to this book, God took the rebel gods by surprise with His act of self-sacrifice at Calvary. Paul called it: “NoneContinue Reading

One of the Mesopotamian deities I researched when working on The Great Inception was the mysterious god Amurru. His name is the same as the Akkadian word for the Amorites, which basically means “westerner.”Continue Reading