Liberals in Israel celebrated China brokering the restoration of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, seeing it as a setback for Benjamin Netanyahu. But cooperation between the world’s main Sunni and Shia powers is nothing to cheer.Continue Reading

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant last week for Russian President Vladimir Putin, while former President Donald Trump announced over the weekend that he expects to be arrested tomorrow.Continue Reading

The House Oversight Committee revealed a $3 million payment from a Chinese energy company to an associate of the Biden family just after Joe Biden ended his term as vice president, and that more than $1 million went to members of the Biden family.Continue Reading

A FORMER U.S. ARMY SOLDIER in a neo-Nazi cult has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for plotting to kill his unit in a deadly ambush.Continue Reading

The Russian military claimed Monday that the US and its allies are planning a false flag chemical attack in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. We have no way to corroborate or debunk the claim; just pray that this isn’t a step toward the war going global.

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A street drug called Tranq has spread from Philadelphia to other major cities across the US. It causes disturbing zombie-like behavior and open wounds so severe they can require amputation.

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Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine Monday, meeting with Ukraine’s President Volodomyr Zelensky and promising another $500 million in military aid ahead of the one-year anniversary of Russia’s “special military operation.”

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Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are scheduled to make important speeches tomorrow about the war in Ukraine, one year to the day after Putin’s announcement that Russia recognized the independence of the breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine.Continue Reading