The Friday Five – ‘US Will Have to Send Their Sons and Daughters to War’

Ukraine’s president Volodomyr Zelensky said Feb. 24 that Americans will need to fight if we don’t send him the money and weapons he needs to defeat Russia—a goal that Western officials now admit is unrealistic.

5) NATO leader admits Ukraine war began in 2014, the year a pro-Russian government was overthrown by US-backed coup; 4) Health officials watching for human-to-human spread of H5N1 avian flu; 3) President Biden to veto bill overriding DC’s new soft-on-crime law; 2) Workers cleaning up toxic train derailment report nausea and migraines while biologists find hundreds of dead animals in parks downriver from crash; 1) Ford patents new system to automatically repossess cars whose owners are behind on payments.

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