Sep 16, 2016

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  1. Sorry about writing this here but do not know you email address.

    I am a South African and I live in South Africa.

    I am a white Christian.

    The land situation here is a very delicate matter.

    Cyril Ramaposa needs to handle it and he needs to be led by our LORD.

    We do believe the land needs to be paid for.

    However, Mugabe handled it very differently.

    They burnt the farms and damaged the houses – similar to Gaza. The people were killed or hurt.

    It could happen here – but GOD.

    We need our LORD to lead and guide us.

    We pray our LORD will lead and guide Ramaposa to bring about a peaceful solution.

    We need the produce and we need competent farmers.

    Ramaposa may only be in office until 2019 as the next election is then.

    We are praying and we have hope again.

    The Christians in our nation have been repenting and praying and seeking our LORDS FACE.

    There are Christians who want to take up arms but I think they are in the minority.

    Farmers are murdered daily in South Africa.

    Angus Buchan has had major prayer meetings. Angus is a farmer and many farmers from all races attend his meetings. He ministers mainly to the men but we all respect him for answering the call from our LORD to use him in South Africa.

    Last year between 700 000 and 1000 000 met on a farm on the outskirts of Bloemfontein in the heat and the dust to repent and seek God’s face.

    Millions prayed in churches and at home.

    We have felt hope rise in this nation since then.

    The deposed president was as bad as your baddies, do not understand how he got in. Maybe our LORD wanted to wake us up and show us that we as a nation need to work together to build our nation.

    We need to do what Trump is doing, drain the swamp, educate and train the youth, be innovative and attract investment………

    Love your shows.

    Sharyn Jackson

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