Unraveling Revelation: Mount Hermon and the Abyss

THE RELIGIONS of the ancient Near East, Greece, and Rome are essentially “fake news” versions of what we read in the Bible.

The “sons of God” of Genesis 6, like the Titans of Greece and Rome, the Anunnaki of Sumer, and the “former gods” of the Hittites and Hurrians of Anatolia and northern Mesopotamia, are locked up in Tartarus—a word specifically used by Peter in 2 Peter 2:4. Their leader, known to pagans as Saturn, Kronos, El, Enlil, Dagon, and Milcom/Molech, is the chief of the Watchers called Shemihazah in the Book of 1 Enoch, and he will return as the Destroyer, Abandon/Apollyon, in Revelation 9.

This week, we discuss the evidence from scripture, pagan texts, and even an archaeological find on the summit of Mount Hermon that confirms the links between the Bible and what we were taught in school as “mythology.” Contrary to what most believe, the story—the biblical account—is all too real.

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