Unraveling Revelation: Antichrist’s New World Order

BIBLE PROPHECY tells us the Antichrist will come to power with the help of ten kings. We have questions.

First, are those kings human? We think not, since this is, after all, a supernatural war between rebellious members of the unseen realm and the Creator. The Antichrist, Gog of Ezekiel 38 and 39, is certainly a supernatural being, although he will work through a human avatar. Why would the ten kings be any different?

Second, are the ten horns of the fourth beast of Daniel 7, which corresponds to the Beast in Revelation (i.e., the Antichrist), the kings who have not yet received a kingdom? Or are the seven horns that remain, after the little horn emerges and removes three, the same kings represented by the seven heads of the Beast?

We also note that the current geopolitical situation on planet Earth is oddly like Daniel 7: The Western world, which is trying to establish a New World Order through globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, is separating from the Eastern Hemisphere, with the G-7—which was the G-8 until Russia was ejected over the Ukraine war—on one side and the Big Three BRICS nations (Russia, India, and China) on the other. 

In other words, while we’re not reading Bible prophecy into these events, it is interesting that the ten leading economies of the world are now divided into seven and three, just as the world will be in the days of Antichrist.

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