Unraveling Revelation: Return of the Titans

THE OLD GODS of the Greeks and Romans, the Titans, were a violent bunch. According to the story, they were defeated by Zeus/Jupiter and the Olympian gods and eternally banished to Tartarus.

That tale echoes older accounts of the “former gods” of the Hittites and Hurrians and the Anunnaki of Mesopotamia, who, like the Titans, had once ruled the cosmos but had been supplanted by a younger generation of gods and confined to the netherworld.

That’s the fake news version of the rebellion described in Genesis 6:1–4, fleshed out in 1 Enoch 6–36 and Jubilees 5:1–10, wherein the “sons of God” saw that women were attractive and commingled with them, producing monstrous, giant hybrid children. In short, the Titans were the Watchers of 1 Enoch, who were the “sons of God” from Genesis 6.

You may not have noticed, but Hollywood has been running a PR campaign to rebrand the Titans in recent years, most obviously through the Monsterverse series of Godzilla movies. This week, we discuss the 2019 entry in the series, Godzilla: King of Monsters.

As we note during the program, we don’t look to pop culture for spiritual truth, but we can discern messaging from the fallen realm. We think the movie depicts Godzilla as a sort of Saturn or Kronos, king of the Titans, rising from his lair in the abyss—making him the angel of the bottomless pit, like Abaddon/Apollyon in Revelation 9—to battle King Ghidorah, a multi-headed dragon with the power to manipulate the weather, just like the storm-god Baal/Zeus/Jupiter, who Jesus identified as Satan (Matt. 12:22–26; Rev. 2:13).

In other words, while this may be nothing more than Hollywood mining the ancient religions of the world to create a blockbuster about giant monsters, the religious messaging of King of Monsters is very in-your-face—and it portrays the sinful angels of Genesis 6, the Titans, as “the original and rightful rulers of Earth.”

We think this is an example of the fallen realm preparing an unbelieving world for the end times.

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