Artemis, the Queen of Heaven, and the Lost Lampstand of Ephesus

TWO THOUSAND years ago, the city of Ephesus was dominated by the cult of Artemis. Her temple was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the silversmiths who made images of the goddess started a riot because Paul’s preaching cut into their business.

Stephan Caraway, co-founder of Fig Tree Watchers Ministries, joins us to discuss a new article he’s posted as part of a series on the Book of Ephesians, “Why Ephesus Lost a Lamp Stand to Paganism and Violence.” Even with the Word of God delivered by the apostle Paul, the church at Ephesus fell back into pagan practices that focused on icons, individuals, and images. Stephan explains why Ephesus, and the message from Jesus delivered by John in the Book of Revelation, is a dire warning for believers today.

Listen to this week’s podcast at A View from the Bunker, or watch it at the Gilbert House YouTube channel:

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