ONE OF the most disturbing aspects of the US government’s loss of control over our southern border is in the news this week: According to The New York Times, some 85,000 unaccompanied minors have disappeared after being delivered by the government to sponsors—many of whom, according to a whistleblower, are members of criminal organizations that traffic children. 

Also: Second-largest bank failure in US history this week shows that the bank crisis is not over; Russia accuses US of trying to assassinate Putin; coronation of King Charles III (sorry, we do not think he’s the Antichrist—he’s too old); head of Wagner Group demands more ammunition or he’s pulling his mercenaries back from battle for key city in southern Ukraine; strange suicides of Google engineers as worries over threat of AI increase—but don’t worry, Kamala Harris is in charge of US government response to growing power of artificial intelligence. 

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