Unraveling Revelation: The Elders

A globalist group that’s been around since 2007 finally emerged from the shadows last month to proclaim our imminent doom.

We’re talking about The Elders, ten politicians from around the world who shared a stage with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to declare that the time on the Doomsday Clock has moved forward ten seconds to 23:58:30—or 90 seconds until global annihilation.

Who are The Elders, and why do they claim Nelson Mandela as their founder? The group was, in fact, created by billionaire Richard Branson and musician Peter Gabriel, who convinced Mandela to lend his name and reputation to the group. The message of The Elders is simple: Between war, pestilence, and climate change, we’re on the eve of destruction.

Because we’re not coincidence theorists, it’s no surprise that the messages from The Elders are echoes of the warnings from the globalists at the World Economic Forum. Whether they know it or not, they’re working to build the infrastructure for the global kingdom of the Antichrist.

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