Iron and Myth 13 – The Origin of Demons

DEMONS ARE the spirits of the giants destroyed in the Flood of Noah. At least, that’s what Jews of the Second Temple period and the early Christian church believed.

Author and pastor Doug Van Dorn, bestselling author and award-winning screenwriter Brian Godawa, and Director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology Dr. Judd Burton join us for our monthly Iron and Myth round table to discuss the origin of evil spirits. We dig into what the Bible says about these spirits, extrabiblical texts, and startling evidence that the demigod heroes of Greece like Herakles and Perseus were the Rephaim of the Amorites, Canaanites, and Hebrews.

Here’s a link to the paper mentioned by Doug during the program, “The Sons of God in Genesis 6:1–4,” a 2013 doctoral dissertation by Dr. Jaap Doedens (link opens PDF file).

Listen to this week’s podcast at A View from the Bunker or watch it at the Gilbert House YouTube channel:

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