SciFriday: New Year, New Chapter

With this, our 300th episode, SciFriday goes on indefinite hiatus.

We’ve had a wonderful time producing this program over the last seven years, but with a busy 2023 schedule that includes three weeks in Israel, three books, and two documentary videos to produce, something in our schedule had to give.

We close out this seven-year run with a look at the Roman god of transitions, Janus, the real St. Nicholas, and an explanation of how the early church settled on December 25 as the date for Christmas. Here’s the hard, historically documented truth: It had nothing to do with Saturn, the winter solstice, Sol Invictus, Nimrod, or Baal. In fact, the origins of Christmas were not pagan in any way, shape, or form.

We may produce SciFriday specials in the future, but they will be available only through our app ( and our YouTube channel (

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