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First, we enter the Jordan River and explain why we baptize. Next, we tour Masada, site of the final battle between Jewish rebels and the Roman legions in A.D. 70. Then it’s on to Ein Gedi, where David cut the hem from Saul’s robe while the king relieved himself in a cave.

Then we visit Qumran, where Jim Barfield of the Copper Scroll Project shared highlights of his research—which, if he’s right, could spark a geopolitical earthquake!

Finally, we stopped at Shiloh, where messianic Rabbi Zev Porat showed us “Jesus” and “Messiah” in the prayer of Hannah (1 Samuel 2), and where we saw in an otherwise cloudless sky what we can only describe as the wings of the cherubim—right over the place where the Tabernacle stood for more than 300 years.

Also: A camel nearly bucks our good friend and cameraman, Taylor Joseph.

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