Unraveling Revelation: Nazareth, Megiddo, and Mount Carmel

ISRAEL IS GROUND ZERO in the long supernatural war in which we all play a part. This week, we begin a series of programs to show you Israel through our eyes.

In 2019, we traveled across the country and captured the adventure on video (special thanks to our friend, Taylor Joseph, who did most of the video work). Our tour began at the town where Jesus spent his childhood, Nazareth, where you can find a working first-century village today that helps you see what life was like for Jesus and his family.

From there, we traveled to the Jezreel Valley and visited Megiddo—which, contrary to popular teaching, is not where Armageddon will be fought—and Mount Carmel, the site of Elijah’s epic confrontation with the prophets of Baal.

Israel is open for tourists again! For details on the SkyWatchTV Israel Tour (new dates: March 19-30, 2023), visit www.gilberthouse.org/travel.

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