Unraveling Revelation: The Image of the Beast

Another of the enduring mysteries of Revelation is the image of the Beast. What is it, and could technology be used to create it?

We look at recent examples of life-like holograms, including one that’s become a major pop music star in Japan. However, the Greek word eikon, rendered “image,” “likeness,” or “form” in English, does not just mean “something that looks like something else.” It has the same connotation as being created in the image of God—it is something that acts as the “image-bearer,” or moral agent, of the Beast.

After looking at the use of eikon elsewhere in scripture, we conclude that the image of the Beast will be something other than a lifelike simulacrum. It may will be the entire Beast system—the global government of the Antichrist, and all of the infrastructure that supports it.

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