Unraveling Revelation: Daniel’s Beasts and Chaos

THE FOUR beasts of Daniel’s vision (Daniel 7:1–8) match the four aspects of the Beast that emerges from the sea in Revelation 13—the Antichrist.

Who or what do the ten horns represent? How do they correspond to the horns on the Beast of Revelation 13 and 17? We don’t believe we can identify them for certain, but the principle behind our interpretation is that the seven heads and ten horns of the Beast, which are kings (Rev. 17:10–12), represent spirits rather than humans.

One clue we find intriguing: Scholars believe the little horn of Daniel 7 is too similar to the Greek chaos-dragon, Typhon, for coincidence. Since Typhon is essentially the Greek concept of Leviathan, we believe that Chaos, subdued by God in Genesis 1:2, is the spirit that empowers the Antichrist.

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