The Second Coming of Saturn Part 31: The Cults of Saturn

Video screenshot showing Order of Nine Angles monolith

As research into the history and imagery connected to Saturn in his many forms revealed more information that’s relevant to where we’re going, it became obvious that documenting the work of a few deceived occultists in the present day wasn’t as important as it appeared at first. As Dr. Michael Heiser observed about the 1946 Babalon (sic) Working of L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, if demons and fallen angels need the permission of a couple of deviants performing sex rites in the desert to enter our space-time, they’re really lame.

Ceremonial magicians, sorcerers, witches, and practitioners of the occult foolishly believe they control the dark forces of the spirit realm. They’ve been duped. The entities they seek to bend to their will are far more powerful than the idiots who think they’re protected by a circle of salt. Shining a light on the work of the occultists is useful only to help us understand the growing number of deluded humans who welcome the influence of the old god on our world.

As mentioned in an earlier article, Saturn’s demand that we humans offer up our children continues to the present day. While modern, enlightened Western Christians are rightly horrified by the ancient practice of sacrificing children, many of us personally know someone who has either had or facilitated an abortion. It seems so clinical, especially since we’ve been programmed to view a developing child as nothing more than a clump of cells, that we no longer view the procedure for what it is—the termination of a human life. It’s become so socially acceptable that not only was abortion the number-one cause of death worldwide in 2020,[1] but the nearly 42.7 million lives ended were more than triple the number of deaths from all communicable diseases, including COVID-19 (1.8 million) and HIV/AIDS (1.7 million).[2]

You probably know that global spending on the coronavirus pandemic and the effort to eradicate HIV is far greater than on finding families for unwanted children. Of course, public policy directed at HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies rarely includes promoting abstinence before marriage and monogamy, the only strategies proven to work. This speaks to the nature of the spirits at work behind the scenes. Slaughter of the innocents is one of the things for which Saturn/Kronos/Baal Hammon/Shemihazah is best known. Maybe this is his revenge for watching his own children, the Nephilim, die in the Flood.

It’s likely that most of those who are part of the abortion industry or who have accepted its dehumanizing propaganda don’t recognize the influence of the dark god on what they do. There are those, however, who knowingly venerate this entity, even if they don’t understand who he is and his ultimate goal.

 Eugen Grosche, AKA Gregor A. Gregorius

In 1926, five German occultists led by Eugen Grosche, who styled himself Gregor A. Gregorius, founded a magical order called Fraternitas Saturni, or Brotherhood of Saturn. It describes itself as “a purely esoteric logic of knowledge that seeks to realize the impulse of the Aquarius age of spiritual clarity and freedom.”[3] Outside observers have described it as “a unique blend of Scottish Freemasonry, Luciferianism, astrological mythology and Indian yoga systems, with an emphasis placed on the unique power that its adherents believed could be drawn from the dark side of Saturn.”[4]

The group is set up along lines similar to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, at least in terms of its system of degrees as one progresses in the order.[5] Before 1960, members could ascend through a series of nine degrees, not including 0° (Novice), from Neophyte through Magister Aquarii (“Master of Aquarius”),[6] a reminder that the Age of Aquarius we fully entered on December 21, 2020, is, according to astrologers and occultists, ruled by Saturn. After 1960, the path to enlightenment was expanded to thirty-three degrees, from 0° (Neophyte) to 33°, the Gradus Ordinis Templi Orientis Saturni.[7]

Even though most of us have never heard of this group, likely because it’s only been active in the German-speaking world, experts on the occult believe it’s been profoundly influential:

The Fraternitas Saturni (FS) is not only the most important secret magical lodge of twentieth-century Germany, but one of the most important of all modern magical lodges. The sheer volume of occult texts produced by its masters and leading members surpasses nearly everything written by other magical groups.… The only orders that can lay claim to more material are those associated with Aleister Crowley (1875–1947), notably the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) and Argenteum Astrum (A∴A∴) with their countless affiliations in various countries.[8]

As with other occult systems, the goal is “‘divine’ knowledge” to achieve “self-salvation,” which can only be achieved through magic.[9]

The central feature of the Brotherhood of Saturn is the Égrégore, a non-physical entity created by the focused thought of the group. This is similar to a tulpa, a Theosophist concept through which a person or group, by focusing spiritual thought, creates a sort of imaginary friend who becomes sentient and autonomous. The term derives from the Greek egregore, which means “watcher.”

Yes, that kind of Watcher—the supernatural, “son of God” kind, of which Saturn/Shemihazah is one.

Its thirty-third degree is called “GOTOS,” which derives from the term “Gradus O.T.O. Saturni,” and somewhat resembles the office of Outer head of the Order (OHO) in the O.T.O. The OHO is the link between the Order and its “Secret Chiefs”—its Égrégore, or the Inner Head of the Order (IHO); the OHO is the IHO’s mouthpiece. […]

The 24° FS has as it central “secret” the “knowledge” of the Beast’s true nature; its name is supposed to be “Gregor,” while it retains the number 666. But why Gregor? To explain this it is necessary to examine he founder of the FS, Eugen Grosche. He chose as his magical name Gregor A. Gregorius, or else Gregor E Gregor(ius). This suggests Grosche considered that he himself was the Great Beast of Revelation, and the Égrégore of the FS at one and the same time. At the precise moment that Grosche achieved the 33° (at Easter in 1960) Gotos became GOTOS, in the same way that Crowley became Baphomet, XI° in 1912.

This is the secret of both the O.T.O. and the FS—both orders exist for the sole purpose of empowering and exalting their founders, or their heirs in the office of OHO.[10] (Emphasis added)

Master GOTOS, who, not coincidentally, looks just like Gregor A. Gregorius

This is why we’re not spending more time on the current practitioners of Saturnian magic. Although the Brotherhood of Saturn is credited with inspiring the modern New Age movement,[11] which has convinced millions that they can achieve godhood, its members have been conned into believing that they understand and can control Saturn.

A recent occult movement called the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) began attracting attention in the early 1980s for its neo-Nazi activism. Central to its ideology is the Tree of Wyrd, essentially a modified kabbalistic tree of life with only seven nodes instead of ten. At the top of the tree is the Norse all-father god, Odin, identified with Saturn.[12] While the O9A’s alleged founder David Myatt has moved on from the group, converting to Islam and then abandoning it again in favor of his own home-brewed religion, the group considers itself truly Satanic, putting into practice what other sects such as the Church of Satan and Temple of Set only play at—creating a “new, more evolved human species.”[13]

The group embraces human sacrifice and jihadist terror as tactics toward the destruction of Western civilization, which, in the O9A’s view, has been weakened by Magian (Jewish) and Nazarene (Christian) influences. This would clear the way for the rise of a new, superhuman civilization.[14] In that sense, the O9A is working toward the return of Saturn’s reign and the fulfillment of Satan’s promise that “ye shall be as gods.”

Surprisingly, a young man who became the subject of a trio of HBO documentaries after his murder conviction is now free and openly touting the power of summoning angels through the power of Enlil, one of the identities of this dark god.

On May 5, 1993, three eight-year-old boys went missing in West Memphis, Arkansas. They were found a day later, victims of what was characterized by prosecutors as “satanic sex ritual slayings.”[15] Three teens, including then eighteen-year-old Damien Echols, were convicted in 1994 of the killings. In 2010, however, after the high-profile documentaries, the trio, dubbed the “West Memphis Three,” were freed on Alford pleas,[16] a legal tactic that allows defendants to plead guilty while maintaining their innocence.

 Damien Echols

It’s not my intent to revisit the case. The HBO documentaries succeeded in mobilizing a legion of famous supporters behind Echols and his companions, including Hollywood A-listers Winona Ryder, Peter Jackson (director of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit), and Johnny Depp, who’s become a personal friend of Echols, and musicians like Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks), and the band Metallica,[17] which allowed their music to be used in the documentaries’ soundtracks. Researcher William Ramsey let the investigators’ case files speak for themselves in his book Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders. Ramsey told me in a 2014 interview that his interest in the case was prompted by Echols’ references to the occultist Aleister Crowley in trial transcripts, which he found while researching the work of Crowley for his first book.[18] Contrary to the way the young man and the case were depicted by the HBO documentaries, the killings had the telltales of a satanic crime, and Echols, at least, had a very active interest in witchcraft and the occult.

His interest has only grown over time. Now that he’s a free man, Damien Echols teaches “high magick” to subscribers through his Patreon page. What’s of interest to us is that Echols believes he’s discovered the key to unlocking the secrets of the paranormal and supernatural, and it’s available from the entity we’ve been tracking throughout this book.

One morning when I was in the middle of the angelic invocations involved in the Shem Operation, I experienced something that was initially disorienting and frightening. Suddenly it felt like the very earth dropped away beneath my feet. I was surrounded by an incredible amount of light—it was so bright that it felt like I was standing in the middle of the sun. Then it felt like something snapped, and I was surrounded by the darkness of an infinite void. […]

The closest I’ll ever be able to come to articulating what happened is this: I saw the nighttime sky. It was crystal clear—truly beautiful. And then, across this vision of the sky, I saw a word spelled out, just as if the wind were gently rippling across the stars as if they were wheat. The word was Enlil. […]

So, of course, I began invoking him. Instead of calling upon all of the angelic intelligences I’d been using, I invoked Enlil in all directions—east, west, up, down, and everywhere in between. The resultant energy I experienced was unlike anything I’d ever felt, even after years of intense angel work. Enlil’s presence was like feeling the unified power of a thousand archangels.[19]

Echols has been fooled. There is no doubt that he received something like power, and maybe he did feel the spiritual presence of the entity we’ve been studying—but I doubt it. Enlil/Saturn/Shemihazah and his colleagues are chained in a deep, dark hole and probably not capable of direct contact with a power-seeking ceremonial magician like Echols. In all likelihood, however, the old god is still in touch with his demonic offspring, and it’s a better guess that one or more of them gave Echols the thrill he described.

The point of this article is simply this: The old entity who led the rebellion that began on Mount Hermon hasn’t been forgotten. His human followers, however, aren’t capable of summoning or weaponizing his supernatural power. To repeat, the denizens of the spirit realm don’t need our permission to enter the natural world. Occultists like Echols, Hubbard, Parsons, and Crowley are pathetic. They are useful idiots to entities like Saturn/Shemihazah—and their usefulness is limited to persuading other idiots to reject Jesus Christ.

The “king” god, who convinced his human followers through his demonic minions, to call him “the” god, has little interest in helping humans fulfill their wishes and dreams. He has bigger plans—establishing his reign over God’s prize jewel, earth.

But God has already told us how the end game plays out. Saturn’s reign won’t last half a year.

Next: Armageddon


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