I owe you an apology

That face you make when you realize you’ve accidentally torpedoed your website.

If you subscribe to my website, you received about a dozen emails yesterday for bogus blog posts. That was my fault; I got it into my head to update the look of the site last night and during the process, I imported a template for a new theme.

That was a mistake.

The template included a dozen “sample posts” that were published when I activated the new theme, which triggered more than a dozen email blasts (and more than a dozen tweets, which I had to track down and delete on Twitter). If I’d known that was going to happen, I wouldn’t have done it–for a couple of reasons.

First, because it was a nuisance to you, and second, because I didn’t know those posts were part of the template and had no idea what was in them–or that I was granting an unacceptable degree of control of my website to somebody I don’t know.

The irony is that I’m not really happy with the new theme. I may go back to the old one and just move some things around instead.

So again, I’m sorry for the bother. Now, I have to change some passwords.

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